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Ok – let’s see if we can get the Weekly Refresh back on the press. This is something I was doing awhile back. While it’s a great idea, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with, while – you know having a full time job and several other projects going on all at the same time.

As always – the blog and forums have been busy. So lets get started with what happened here on the blog…

DealerRefresh – The Blog

1. Laurie Halter, the owner of Charisma! Communications reminded us why agencies (and even dealers) need to be careful with administrating more than 1 twitter account! Oops! New Media Strategies Sacked Over Chrysler Tweet

2. dealer reviews went live March 15th. I sat down with their Product Manager, Nick Hummer for an exclusive interview / Q&A. I’m sure dealers will have many questions about their new dealer reviews service – Exclusive Interview with on Dealer Ratings and Reviews

3. Erin Touponse contributed one heck of a brilliantly written, forward thinking article Smart Phones Will Be Their Weapon of Choice! – This is a must read!

4. From the DR Archives – Internet Department vs. Floor Sales Staff …need your comments!

DealerRefresh – The Forum

The forum never stops and this week was no exception…

1. Our friend Ed Brooks started 2 great threads this week all based on Reputation Management – How does your dealer Monitor their Reputation Online? and What does your PRICING have to do with your REVIEWS?

2. We had a few more additions to Silly Shit in the car business! Post your favorite! Thanks Matt, Pete and Chris!

3. Jerry over at Lang Chevrolet wants your opinion on this pesky little video spokesperson, the ones that pop-up on the home page and start talking to you.

4. Joe enlightens us with his Used Car King Make Over Diary in good’ol Pistell fashion.

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Side Note: Be on the look out for a new feature being introduced here on DealerRefresh. Dealers and Vendors will both enjoy!

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    Ryan Thompson
  • March 20, 2011
Jeff- Week in Reviews, Best of the month's etc; are amazing. I'm having trouble staying in tune with DR as much as I had in the past, so I really appreciate catching up with a post like this.

Keep it up DR