So I’m one of the guys in the digital car space looking beyond what various auto vendors offer in our industry , compared to what’s out there in the open market – to find similar technology which could procure the same result – for costing purposes.

I’m coming to the conclusion more dealers should be looking everywhere for solutions. There are over 5,000 digital companies out there on the Martech 5000 and the list grows fast every day, however the focus of this thread to to show the huge delta in price comparing an auto vendor to the open market where it’s possible to find comparable products.

Focus on this new acronym I created: TRUE VENDOR COST (TVC)

Without naming a company, I got a call today from a vendor who sells POP UNDER ADS. The price was $499.00 per month.  That’s really a $5,988 sale for a years worth, and would cost $29,940 over 5 years.

The TVC for this AUTO VENDOR service is actually $5,988.00

(We all operate an annual accounting schedule, not month to month – right!).

So what we want to know is what the true cost so we can make a smart decision. Dollars are harder to earn, we’d prefer to spend as little as possible to achieve our goals. Let’s look at our options because that is the right thing to do.

Taking a quick second to search for alternatives, I found many excellent companies with stellar success in this area, and one such company offers at the high end, a plan for $29.00 per month. That’s really a $348.00 sale for a year’s worth, and would cost $1,740.00 over 5 years.

The TVC for this OPEN MARKET service is actually $348.00

The delta is $28,200 more if we select the Auto Vendor compared to Open Market vendor. I cannot see any justification to spend more than I would have too. So as we make head way into finding help making our websites and leads perform better, let’s keep in mind we have multiple vendors, and some who provide CASUAL TECHNOLOGY, like Pop Under Uds – just get the OPEN MARKET options, they literally do the same thing for less dollars.

What is your take on this?

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