Selling cars is not a business for the faint of heart.  Since the days of Henry Ford, dealers have employed an array of tactics to try to separate the tire kickers from the actual buyers. As more consumers shop online for their next vehicle, dealers have an increasing amount of information available for making this delineation.

As a result, while purchasing internet leads has become a key part of most automotive marketers’ customer acquisition programs, the third party lead channel can still be challenging.

To help understand and evaluate the current state of the auto lead ecosystem, DealerRefresh is partnering with Jornaya for an Automotive Consumer Internet Lead Survey survey. This survey will take approximately 5 minutes, and will help us to better understand automotive marketers’ current use of Internet leads, as well as their opinions and concerns. We will be sharing a summary of the results and insights from the survey on DealerRefresh.

Those who participate will be eligible to receive a complete copy of the results and research report. In addition, as a thank you for your time, participants can enter our drawing for a chance to win a one of four $100 Amazon Gift Cards.

Click here to take the survey.