Sat in the corner at a CRM training session – where the CRM provider told the group that a “best practice” was to email the customer a calendar invite after setting the appointment and send them a reminder text the day before.

WAIT… WHAT???  Shouldn’t “your” CRM send the calendar invite automatically when I set the appointment using “your” CRM? And do the “best practice” follow-up with texts to get the customer to show up? The trainer didn’t like me much.

My doctors office and I think even my dentist…oh wait, and my windshield repair company, and ohh ya… my appliance repair guy too!! All do a version of the following:

1. Sends me a email/calendar invite/text the day I make the appointment.

2. Sends me a reminder text 3-5 days before appointment

3. Sends me a reminder text the day before the appointment

They are not doing it manually — the CRM for the business is! Why are auto dealers left behind, and none of the CRMs are building into their programs/system the way they tell us to use?

Am I off base? Asking to much? Or shouldn’t this be the norm in a DealershipCRM?

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