Like any UCM, I am always trying to get my cars out there, and make the best impression on as many sites as possible.  Lately I’ve been getting killed by CarGurus and I’ve found out why.

All of my cars have been pushed into “High Price” or “Over Priced” category because larger stores in the area are selling their cars with conditional pricing.  (*price reflects $2000 down payment)  This is not allowed according to CarGurus rules, but has persisted for some time now.  I’ve reached out to my rep, but the offending dealers are still listing their cars for $2000 below market price.  The real kicker is that one of the largest stores on the east coast, with a massive inventory, is 10 miles away and has completely skewed the local market.

I’m posting this to remind other dealers to CHECK THE COMPETITION!  CG is probably going to keep these dealers up as long as they are getting paid.  If you see conditional pricing by your competitors, notify CarGurus and threaten to pull your subscription. 

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