The hello bar

We’ve had some success with the Hello Bar created by blogger and marketer Neil Patel, whom is one of the non-carbiz people I follow and try to absorb as much as info as possible. The HELLO BAR is very impressive and something for sure I wanted to share with my digital peeps here! It’s cheap, easy and effective. What is very amazing and perfectly aligned to our business model peddling cars online, is that the whole concept behind Hello Car was positioned around conversion goals on your website, blog, whatever.

The free version is all I use, but the paid version is very cool and really cheap. You can have multiple Hello Bars working on your site. Here are a few of the things Hello Bar can do for you, however this is one of those tools you can tweak out and is only limited by your imagination and level of cleverness.

Promote a Sale/Discount
Point visitors to your latest deal, bargain, or giveaway.

Talk to Your Visitors
Encourage mobile visitors to give you a ring.

Grow Your Mailing List
Convert one-time visits into lasting connections.

Get Facebook Likes
Expand your social reach to maximize word of mouth.

Don’t see your goal? Customize Hello Bar to fit your needs.

Then comes the option to change your goals, change the style, modify colors, de-brand the bar, content, targeting.  In summation, this thing really works! – Go try it out and see how it can help push you towards your goals.