I have spent the last 15 years of my career either running or building CRM systems.  I have written numerous articles on DealerRefresh in support of them and even how to buy them. To say I have been a CRM advocate is an understatement.

Yesterday, Jeff Kershner and I were talking to Jasen Rice about this coming Friday’s RefreshFriday and my tune on CRM is now fluctuating.  Jasen made some strong points that I’ve always known, but never explored to the depths he has.  This is going to be an interesting RefreshFriday for sure!

Outside of what we will be discussing, I’m starting to wonder if CRM systems have caused more harm than good.  Is the flat process nature mixed with an inability to properly attribute anything pushing dealers to make bad decisions?

Bad decisions include:

  • Cancelling advertising that is part of the attribution, but not the last touch
  • Enforcing a Nazi approach to customer follow-up sales people and customers hate
  • Not buying solutions that do help sell cars because it doesn’t integrate with the CRM

What are some other bad decisions CRMs help dealers make?  What are some good ones?

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