How do you have your CRM notifications set up that goes to the sales rep?

This issue came up at one of my stores a few weeks ago. Currently we have all the sales reps set up with their own CRM email address. When an email is sent or received it gets passed through the CRM so all the communications with the customer is logged and saved in the CRM system. All of our sales reps have a CRM email address and everyone else in the company has a cooperate email address. If an email, read receipt or lead comes into the CRM system there’s a notification that is sent to the sales reps mobile phone via text message and email. We have roughly 45 – 50 reps in the system that will get these notifications on their mobile device. To send the notification via email to the rep, we are sending the notification to their personal email address that is already set up on their mobile phone so they can be alerted on their mobile device.

I found a couple pretty major flaws in this. What would happen if that email account was to get hacked into? The hacker would have access to all the customer info that was sent to the sales rep. That was one issue. So I started asking the question, what happens when a sales rep decides to leave after 3 or 4 years. All the notifications are sitting in their personal email account. With a little digging on their part, they can go through their email inbox and pull all the customer data that was sent to them.

My question to you the Refresh members is.. are you sending notifications via email to the reps?
Does each rep have his / her own cooperate email address that the dealership manages set up on his / her mobile device or are you sending the notification to a personal email address?
How difficult is it to manage / setup the cooperate email accounts on all the diff mobile devices?

After realizing this flaw, I’ve looked at diff cooperate email providers and the simplest and easiest to roll out that works with just about all the devices is Google Biz Apps. Can you guys recommend any others that’s been user friendly and easy to set up that works pretty much across all the devices?

Another question you may want to ask yourself is, with your current CRM provider, if the rep is getting the CRM notifications sent to their personal email so they can be alerted via their mobile phone, does the rep have to login to see the customer info or is the customer info in plain text in the body of the email or is it just a link and all they have to do is click the link and the webpage opens with the customer info without logging in.

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