Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is arguably the most important marketing tactic for dealerships today, yet still remains the slowest and most confusing of all channels to master.

But that free area of Google (the results without the ‘Ad’ label next to them) cannot be ignored. Especially when 90% of Google clicks within our industry occur within the organic (free/unpaid) area of its search results, placing utmost importance for all within our industry to elevate organic ranking visibility.

Making a difficult job even harder is the constant shifting of the Google landscape, where algorithm updates can throw months of hard SEO work out of the window overnight.

Google did just that, shifting its landscape once again on March 12, 2019 with significant changes that shook the automotive industry. Their algorithm update and the resulting fallout was drastic. Some of our closest competitors lost over 20% of their organic traffic overnight – that’s MILLIONS of lost site visits!

Why did some sites within our industry win and others lose? Google continually encourages site owners to offer the best content possible. That’s what their algorithm updates seek to reward.

What can you do? Check out following video we put together at and Dealer Inspire which offers some practical and realistic SEO pointers to help you navigate this critical channel for your business:

Below: Average ranking for the competitive set leads to clear winners & losers | Source: SEMRush

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