Backstory – I work at a Chevrolet dealership and I am the Internet Director.  I am currently trying to revamp the “dept”.

Before I started we had a round robin through all sales staff. After I was promoted we went to a straight Internet Dept with 4 salespeople. We get on avg 800 leads per month and currently have a closing ratio of 4.32%.

I am having a huge problem with the initial engagement of the customer.

Once we get the customer here we have a closing ratio of 51% but the appt ratio is 26%. I am looking to do 30% appt ratio, 50% show ratio and 60% closing on show ratio. Those are last months numbers. This month it is far worse – 11% appt ratio.

I have put in play a good (as far as I know and have learned) process to follow up with internet leads. But it does not seem to work.

I send text, make phone calls, send emails and send videos when able. Still no movement.

What can I do to create a better sense of urgency with my customers and get them to schedule the appointment and show?

Any advice and help is appreciated!

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