I’ve been really interested in this over the last few months…

Everybody in the industry knows that online pricing is misleading, to say the least…

That’s not the real price of the car. You’re going structure the deal however you want to structure the deal, and you know the customers going to focus on their monthly payments and you’re going to add all the warranties, carbon/tire tax, interest, dealer reserve, admin fee, whatever else you want to add.

So I always thought it was interesting – thinking about the best way to do this online.

No judgement here, either. I know some dealerships will find the lowest price of a vehicle online and then lower their inventory price by $2000 just so they can get the lead.

Sure it’s misleading, but it’s smart. Especially in an industry where most of the prices are false.

A lot of dealerships use a monthly payment strategy – and of course, we all know that’s never true either.

Some dealerships don’t put pricing, but that means that you’re non-competitive now, and you’re probably losing leads to the dealerships that put in the lower pricing.

What does your dealership do? How do you think about this?

Is it an issue in the space? How do we solve it?

Is there anything that I’m missing here and I’m viewing the whole thing wrong?

Let me know your thoughts!

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