Imagine compiling 300,000 third-party classified (TPC) leads:

  • Edmunds
  • TrueCar

All 300k leads gathered from CRMs from 100’s of dealerships, so you can FINALLY see TPC lead gen performance from “inside the store”.  You’ll see:

  • Raw Lead Counts
    • Leads w/2 points of contact
  • % Leads that replied
  • % that set an Appt
  • % that showed
  • # Appts Sold
  • Conversion %
  • Avg Gross! <— WHAT ??!!!
  • Avg Gross Per Lead! <—- WOW, the ULTIMATE Quality Score!

Now, for the 1st time ever, a dealer decision maker can compare TPC performance between the TPCs and compare to his/her store’s stats.

Thanks to Jon Berna & his team…

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