AutoTrader’s Trade-in Market Place (TIM) is being repacked, and they’re calling it KBB Instant Cash Offer. Who knew?

“The Cox Automotive Media Group told reporters in late October that TIM was being converted into KBB Instant Cash Offer during the fourth quarter, bringing an entirely new experience for consumers and toolset for dealers along with the new name.”

According to this article, “Trade-In Market Place” is no more (at least the name). Moving forward, TIM is KBB Instant Cash Offer.  The above statement points out “an entirely new experience for consumers and toolset for dealers” but after reading this article, I’m guessing they’re throwing in a bit of fluff to try and re-capture

And here I thought ATC was considering a double dip with the Buying Centers. Offering one dealer TIM and a neighboring dealer, in the same “exclusive region”, the KBB branded buying center. Dealers that paid up the BIG BUCKS to be a TIM Buying Center were also granted their exclusive region. No other dealer within the determined region could purchase the Market Center package. BUT… that may have not stopped a rep from selling a KBB Instant Cash Offer package to a dealer, within the same region. After all, it is an entirely new/different “experience” 😉

Don’t be fooled by my tone. I’ve been a fan of Trade-In Market Place (not including the Buying Center) since it was introduced. When implemented correctly and injected into the showroom process, utilizing the service with the customer, you can achieve some stellar results. However, it has no business being on your dealership website (often sold that way) as an online trade-in or conversion tool. It’s NOT a good online experience.

Anyone have some feedback to offer up?

Has anyone switched over from TIM to KBB ICO, and what new experience and tools are you seeing?

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