I have asked several industry “experts” this question many times over the years and have never received a satisfactory answer…so I thought I would bring it to the floor for discussion.  Engagement Rate with Ghost Internet Leads…first I need to establish a few definitions:

  • Internet Lead = email lead from any source which hits your CRM and has valid contact information – either in the form of a good email or good phone number
  • Engaged Internet Lead = any Internet Lead who responds to an email or connects via phone/text etc.  In other words a two way conversation has been established
  • Engagement Rate = the rate at which you are able to engage with internet leads
  • Ghost Internet Lead = any Internet Lead who has not engaged despite multiple high quality attempts (phone, email, text, Facebook, IM, you name it, etc…) to contact over a 14 day period
  • Ghost Rate = the rate at which Internet Leads are not engaged within the first 14 days
  • Intermediate Follow Up = any follow up attempted with a Ghost Internet Lead after day 15
  • Long Term Follow Up = any follow up attempted with a Ghost Internet Lead after day 45 or perhaps day 60 or day 90

So – hypothetically lets say that a dealership gets 400 Valid Internet Leads each month – and has an Engagement Rate of $75%, or 300 leads, and therefore a Ghost Rate of 25% or 100 leads.

The Questions Are:

  1. Of these 100 Ghost Leads, what engagement rate are you able to achieve by conducting Intermediate or Long Term Follow Up?
  2. Is anyone tracking this metric?
  3. What engagement rate would you rate as worthy of devoting resources to these Ghost Internet Leads?
  4. If you are performing this Intermediate and Long Term Follow Up, is it causing any unforeseen negative impact on either productivity or morale of your team?
  5. Are you even tracking Engagement Rate?

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