We started using LotLinx approximately 6 months ago.

We are at a point in which we are trying to decide if it’s worth it? 

We have a budget of $2000 per month and they charge $3.99 per unique shopper, and we put all of that budget into Pre-Owned leads. They say the cost per unique shopper is relatively low compared other digital channels and 3rd party sites. I am trying to figure out which sites on their network are  these shoppers coming from?

We’ve increased our Pre-Owned sales and our Turn-rate BUT we have also changed our pricing structure. Which could be a contributing factor. When I look at Google Analytics, I see that LotLinx is 3rd from the top as far as sessions as far as source/medium.

However, when I dig deeper and reivew the referrals, the top 2 are track.ecampaignstats.com and tpc.googlesyndication.co. I have never seen these two referring domains until we started using LotLinx.

It’s a very high number for both and sessions stop in the middle of the month almost like someone shit off the water.

Are these 2 sites related to LotLinx?

I ask LotLinx to provide me with the 2 referral sites on their network, yet they say they DO NOT share this list because it’s always “evolving and changing.” 

Can anyone in the DealerRefresh Community help me find out if Lotlinx is worth the spend or am I getting fed a bunch of baloney?

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