We are drunk on Leads and VDP views!?

I think we’re chasing the metrics to the point where we are creating a bad customer experience. What got me to finally say this: A Canadian dealer is using the steering wheel as the glory shot just to get VDP views up.

But that’s just one example. Chat boxes in your face, talking credit app ladies, text us buttons all over the site, and 19 different calls to action are also examples we are nuts on trackable conversions. I just think all this stuff paints you out to be the typical car dealer people love to hate: an obvious predator.

Sure, if your marketplace is full of obvious predators then I guess that’s the norm. I like to call that the “rule of equal incompetence”… the entire marketplace chases each others’ ads, vendors, and employees to the point where everyone is identical. In that kind of place I guess this Canadian dealer would see a bump.

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