A few months ago we decided to start a Managers Reading Series.

Each manager gets a chance to pick a book. We read a few chapters and during our weekly management meeting we discuss how it relates to our business, dealing with employees, customers, life, etc. There is no limitations on what to read other than it needs to bring value to our team and help us to become even better leaders.

So far we’ve read 3 great books; “Eat Mor Chikin, Inspire More People“, “The Go Giver” (my pick) and we are on “The Leadership Pill“.

I have a goal this year to read a new book every other week. Easier said than done at times with a 2 and 9 year old. Tuesday I was at the GM Compass tour and Todd Smith was talking about different generations and how each wants to be treated in their buying process. Millennials being the greatest opportunity we have now!

Two things I’d like to ask from the DealerRefresh community:

  1. Share your reading list..
  2. Share your best book on Millennials..

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