We’ve been heavily focusing on our Service lane process and customer experience for Service Customers for quite some time now at our flagship store. The store is in the middle of a major metropolitan area where a lot of customers simply drop off their vehicles and use our shuttles to get to work.

One of the major issues we run into is the traffic jam on the service lane and at the cashier station in the afternoons when customers are coming back in to pick up their vehicles. We think we can eliminate a lot of these traffic flow issues by offering customers the ability to pay their RO’s online or via an app before they arrive back at the dealership. That way when they arrive at the dealership, we can simply hand them their keys and show them where their vehicle is parked and keep them moving.

There’s really no need for a customer to have to wait for another 30 mins to simply pay their bill. I’ve sat through ReyRey’s Rey Pay demo.

I’m curious if you guys might be able to recommend some additional vendors that may offer this service. A service that gives the customer the ability to pay for their service work online!

Know of any?

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