I was recently tasked with starting a BDC at our store due to blown sales calls, not logging, and let’s face it sales consultants are lazy. 

I started at the beginning of the month and we are already seeing a huge increase in shown and sold appointments even though we do not get near as many sales calls as we thought – (actually half), due to the reps not logging it correctly in CRM. As it goes now I answer sales incoming and whether an appointment is set or not, I round robin the lead and monitor follow up. 

Here is why I am asking for help inherently you have stronger salespeople and lazy ones as well as those that will not be here in a month or 2 because they do not have the capacity for sales ie; mental fortitude, capacity to learn, or the drive. Another issue is that the guys that camped by the phones and did pretty well are blacking the entire sales floor out.

I can not stand to know that the person I just spoke to is hot to trot and a sure deal, Bob is up and cannot close a door. Is there a best practice when giving out appointments/leads?

Any advice is appreciated..

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