Alight Refresh Community, I need your opinion. I’ve been working hard to take our Merchandising Videos to the next level, but not only is it a bit of work, I can’t seem to find that sweet spot of efficiency and effectiveness.

Allow me to clarify what I mean by “Merchandising Video” – A professional walk-around video of a vehicle in your current inventory that is hosted and viewed by the shopper on your dealership website, 3rd party listing website and video sites like YouTube. *This is NOT a personal one to one / lead response vehicle video walk-around.

My goal is to move away from the stitched image video and produce a more professional walk-around video, in-house. For Pre-Owned vehicle only at the moment.

Here is what I’m currently using to accomplish this…

  1. iPhone6
  2. Z-PRIME wide angle lens attachment by ZTYLUS – more info
  3. LanParte 3-Axis Motorized Handheld Gimbal – read about & order it
  4. AutosOnVideo (AOV) Platform and mobile app – message me for info

I have the recording per vehicle with light editing and upload at just under 6 minutes for a walk-around video play time of 2 and a half minutes (on average.)

Below is a video of a pre-owned 2011 MB G Wagon that I shot in-house using the listed items above. Take notice to, and feel free to share your feedback on the following…

  1. Length of the video (time – though this one is longer than my average)
  2. Angles and movement
  3. Transitions
  4. Music w/ NO voice over
  5. Overall quality

Note: this video is a bit longer than most, over 3 minutes. IGNORE the exit portion of the video (last 5 seconds). I’m still working on the lighting and staging area but it’s what I have to work with at the moment.

In-house recorded vehicle
Stitched image video

Which of the 2 videos do you prefer?

Does the In-house true walk-around video NEED a voice over that points out the vehicle specifics?

Does a voiceover take away OR add to the quality of the the video?

Comment over in the dealer forums.