There’s been near-constant chatter about the coming “revolution” in new car sales since at least 1997 and although there has certainly been an evolution, there has been no non-recession disruption to the livelihoods of Dealers or dealer groups over that time.

Well, I strongly believe there is a major disruption on the horizon, and that this disruption will have little to do with the TrueCars, the Amazons and the Carvana’s of the world and everything to do with autonomous vehicles.

I wrote two posts about this last year and

And then followed those up with a post yesterday:

In response to yesterday’s post, a fellow car guy texted me this: “People buy cars for pride!!!”

So, I asked him if he’s ever seen the parking lot at a Walmart where 95% of the vehicles were clearly bought for transportation and not pride.

He responded “Oh… yeah.”

Many of us in the car business (especially if we also enjoy the art of driving) think that people will ALWAYS own cars. The truth is, they will not. Once it’s cheaper and safer and more convenient to take an Automatic-Uber to work or the airport or wherever, most people will stop buying cars. How Dealers, industry vendors and especially the Dealer Groups prepare for this will be interesting to watch.

What do you think?