Given the choice, would you rather…

  1. Pay a monthly fee for financing (or leasing) a vehicle, plus insurance and maintenance, and be locked into the vehicle for 3-5 years, or
  2. Pay the same monthly fee, be at liberty to switch to and from any vehicle you like at any time with no mileage restrictions, maintenance or insurance fees, free pickup and delivery, etc?

Of course, everyone would choose Option 2.

But is this possible? Can these be achieved economically?

Fair is aiming to transform vehicle ownership with a new way to shop, get approved, and pay for a car for a low, all-in, month-to-month payment — right on your phone. And they just secured $1B in underwriting.

Does Fair have a feasible model?

With BOOK by Cadillac, members can switch between different Cadillacs to best suit their needs with this first-of-its-kind subscription service from an OEM.

What other vehicle subscription models exist?

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