Hi All – We have been using Video Pre-Roll for a few months now.

If I was to base a decision on whether to keep using it just by looking at Google Analytics it would be a major NO.

Our bounce rate for shoppers on our site that come through the Video Pre-Roll is over 80% (all traffic sources combined it is 28%). Pages per Session from Video Pre-Roll users is 1.17 (all traffic sources combined it is 3.44). Average Session Duration is 40 seconds versus 3 mins 12 seconds for all traffic sources combined.  

So… it looks like to me these folks are not interacting with anything other than the page they land on, are blowing out of it very quickly and they are not spending time on site or really engaging at all.

We have had zero conversions – all the Goals we have set up in Google Analytics show 0.  But I keep hearing how amazing Video Pre-Roll is and dealers are raving about the results. 

Any feedback as to what I am missing here?  

Thanks in advance.

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