We are setup with Lightspeed EVO (a CDK Global product) for our dealership DMS and over the last month I have been comparing the Lightspeed CRM to others that are available on the market. Part of that comparison involves looking at what would be required to integrate a 3rd party CRM. 

I reached out to Lightspeed to see what data can be sent to the CRM through an API and what the cost would be.  They replied that it will cost $2000 per location for a setup fee and $175/mo per location to maintain the API.

We have 4 locations so we are looking at a pretty hefty sum…$8000 setup and $700/mo. This sounds rather steep to me but wanted to reach out and see if any of you have had experience with this and could tell me if they are just punishing us because we are looking at using a different CRM than what they are offering. Because it kind of feels like they are.

So, what are you paying for your API integration?