I read two fantastic, ground-breaking, eye-opening posts this week —

The first was from Brian Pasch on LinkedIn —

Stop Guessing And Don’t Trust Your CRM

And the second was from Darren Haygood on the Transparency.ai blog —

NOW HIRING – Hoverboard Department Manager

Both address a situation I see way too often at dealerships; basing marketing decisions on data produced by a tool that WAS NOT designed to produce marketing analytics.

Darren drives home the point that CRMs are great at managing the customer relationship, and are vital for the successful operation of a modern dealership, but they fail at providing the sort of advanced marketing analytics I wrote about in We are being beaten by socks. SOCKS!

Brian goes to the heart of the problem with this quote, “CRM platforms only show LAST-CLICK attribution which hides the other important influences that created the sales opportunity in the CRM.” CRMs are great at tracking consumer interaction after they make contact with your store, but they are lousy at everything that led up to that contact.

So I pose these questions to you,

Are you making marketing decisions without seeing the full picture?

Are you using a hammer to drive a screw?

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