I had a rep ask me this question earlier this week. My answer was simple. “No, not really!”

The question isn’t about your Avg Discount you have your cars priced to market. The question is, your transaction sale price compared to the last / most recent sale price the car is priced at online before it was removed and tying it back to sales mgr’s that desked the deals and the reps that sold the cars . 

Are you tracking that? 

If you are, how? 

Are you using Excel and making a spreadsheet? 

Maybe using Google Charts or Plotly or something along those lines. Maybe your CRM or DMS has the data in it? Currently I don’t have anything in place to track it. Sure we track gross and other items but not the Avg. Transaction Discount . I think this would be something interesting to track Sales Mgr’s and Sales Reps on.


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