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Automotive ZMOT AD-ventures Comic Book by DealerHD

ZMOT Adventures Volume 1 Comic Book

When was the last time you read a comic book? For me, a long time.

Our friends over at DealerHD have published a cool little comic book around the Zero Moment of Truth “Automotive ZMOT Extraordinary AD-ventures”. Something a little different, outside of the typical. I thought it was worth a quick post here on DealerRefresh.

One adventure in the book steps you through the typical day of a consumer experience while looking for a place to have service performed on their vehicle, how mobile and reviews come into play as the consumer is searching. The other adventure is around Calvin and how he uses search, mobile, reviews and social before making a decision on what vehicle and which dealer to purchase from. Yeah – it’s a comic book, but the guys over a DealerHD did a great job at illustrating todays car buyer’s ZMOT and how each have an impact on the decision process. NICE JOB DealerHD!

Obviously it’s not only a comic book but a promotion for DealerHD and their services. Another great example of using crazy sexy content marketing to help drive business.

Click here to get your Automotive ZMOT Extraordinary AD-ventures comic book.

NOTE: The link above will take you to a landing page where you will be asked to give up some information in order to download the comic book, BUT speaking with Justin (VP of DealerHD), he promised me your information will not be used for spammy solicitation purposes.

Very cool!

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  • June 17, 2012
@bruceetzcorn awesome work Bruce!