5 Reasons Why I Hate CRM Software for Car Dealers.

5 quick reasons why I hate CRM software for automotive dealers.

  1. Lack of strong ILM utilities – Most CRM software fail to include a strong ILM (internet lead management) utility.
  2. Workflow never works right -€“ when I say “€œworkflow”€ I mean your pre-determined automatic scheduled follow-up that you set up in your CRM tool. This might be a scheduled phone call on day 1, 3, 5 etc. or
    scheduled emails and/or letters. I have yet to find a CRM that is able to change its follow-up on the fly according to where a sales person determines what phase the customer is in.
  3. Sold deals get LOCKED – If your CRM updates your Sold customers by pulling from your DMS, many CRM’€™s “€œlock”€ the Sold opportunity, making it impossible to make necessary changes to the customer or vehicle information.For example; you title the car in the business or company name and this overwrites the customer’s name that you have entered into your CRM. Now your “after sold” follow up letters are addressed to the business name rather the customer. Another example; a front end or back end gross changes but the CRM doesn’t  allow you to edit this since the opportunity has already been updated by the DMS.
  4. They allow dealers to SPAM! – Yes..it’€™s SPAM. If you’re using your CRM to broadcast email specials to customers that inquired about a vehicle from your website or a 3rd party lead you bought from Dealix, AutoUSA, Cars.com, etc. and they have not opt-in for your specials email, you ARE SPAMMING! Remember, SPAM is the customer perception. (I’€™ll write more about this later).
  5. Too much maintenance – You almost need a full time person to handle the administrative duties and the phone calls to tech support.

I could go on with another 5-10 more reason why I hate most CRM’s software. I’€™ll keep that for another continued post someday.

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I’m the founder of DealerRefresh. I got my start in the dealer business when I was 18. From there I've worked throughout several departments within fixed to variable ops. Whether it’s managing the desk, perfecting sales process or studying online marketing and media trends, I absolutely love this business and the challenges it brings. On top of keeping up with DealerRefresh, I consult with dealerships and key industry businesses. My passion has been and continues to be helping dealers leverage new media to sell and improve customer service.

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