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2006 AAISP Annual Conference

Aaisp_logo_1_1The 2006 AAISP Annual Conference will be held in Nashville, TN April 3-6, 2006.

I hate to say this but I will NOT be attending the AAISP conference this year (I was actually asked to speak..sorry Dean I would have loved to!!). I have a good friends wedding to attend, it’s out of town and the time frame would be cutting it too close. I have several people I was hoping to meet up with but I guess it will have to wait until another conference. Let me know how it goes though. I’ll be curious to know how it all comes together.

Please, when you return…share your COMMENTS, likes, dislikes and anything else you would like to talk about.

Below is more information on the AAISP conference taken from their website.

The theme of the conference is "The Internet Path to Profits." Attendees at the Annual Conference can participate in keynote, seminar and workshop sessions, learn from "Best Practices" Idea Labs, ‘Topical Tables" Luncheon Conversations with peers, and one-on-one consultations with experts. Follow "The Internet Path to Profits" at the 2006 AAISP Annual Conference.

WHERE: Nashville Airport Marriott

WHO: Anyone engaged in, or supportive of, automotive Internet sales at the dealership level.

WHY ATTEND: Expand your horizons! Increase your knowledge! Enhance and refine your professional skills! Consult with the experts! Earn your Professional Certification! Prepare to increase effectiveness, productivity, and PROFITS!

WHAT: THE 2006 AAISP ANNUAL CONFERENCE . . . simply the best lineup of expert presenters and workshop leaders, the most timely topics and effective interactive session formats available to Internet sales practitioners.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? The On-Site Registration Conference Fee for AAISP Members is $495. The On-Site "Join and Register" Conference Fee is $595. Participants from a single dealership or dealer group are eligible for a $100 group discount on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th registrant and a $200 group discount on the 6th registrant and beyond.

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Wow Jeff;

Came to your Blog site to check on its status, and discovered your plans to miss AAISP. My presentation was to include a reference to your Blog within a discussion about Captive and Iconic Marketing Campaigns. I was planning to reference "The Marketing Playbook" as one Blog I can appreciate for insights offered on Iconic Marketing there, and to mention Dealer Refresh as another - Hi Jeff.

Well, I hope the wedding is a blast, and I am sure you will hear about all the magnificent things from the historical first National Conference for AAISP. I look forward to speaking with you about the event.
Good Day Jeff;

Afford me this opportunity to share with you that the inaugural AAISP conference was definitely the proverbial, 'Doctor and his patients'.

Dr. Lloyd Richardson was tremendous in putting together an event that surely was impressive, and chock full of information on every front for the Retail Autmotive Internet Professional.

What I discovered of special interest, is that the industry sector is still a very young one, and that the successful professionals came from various regions of the car dealering business dynamic. While some of the leadership of the AAISP is right on point, like Cory Mosley of Mosley Automotive and Dennis Galbraith of JD Power and Associates, many of the attendees had faulty equations for success and as faulty backgrounds for their claims. At first, this concerned me. However, it is evident that the internet is still a very young device for auto dealering, and I am very excited about the opportunities which lie on the horizon as it regards this marketing media in our industry segment.

The future holds a more personalized internet shopping experience for the detail oriented consumer. What I call "cellular networks" will be the marketing phenomenon born from the further emergence of this media in our industry. I was very impressed by Dennis Galbraith's allusion to this. Indeed, he touched upon technology he envisions coming to the market soon that will breakdown every aspect of the purchase process online for the consumer - even to the point of allowing the online shopper to select the exact professional with whom he or she would prefer to do business. Which, brings me to the point of why I have held great respect for what you created in this Dealer Refresh piece. I recognized it as the future in a time capsule as soon as I saw it.

Share your dialogue, Jeff, and get yourself into the loop. Their is great demand for practical guidance on how to be successful in online dealering right now. And, I believe you have the capacity to become a brilliant regional representative for a Trainers' Network which Cory Mosley and I discussed on the tail end of the AAISP event.

Give me a call today, let's talk about it a little.

Have a prosperous Tuesday,

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