Dealership Marketing

2016 Brings Robots, Self Driving Cars, and … More Mobile?

Two Thousand Sixteen brings a TON of new technology created to entice customers into your business. The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is happening right now  and they are touting over 50 football fields of technological innovation,including robots who greet your customers as they walk in.


They can hold a conversation with you.

R2D2 would definitely get my attention.

With all the new shiny things, it is easy to take the old, proven technology for granted. However, ignoring the proven technologies is a dangerous path to go down.

Even though it is not new or sexy, mobile is more important than ever. It has been on the A-list for a while, and is not going anywhere.

Mobile means so much. It means a personal computer in the majority of your buyer’s hands. It means a mode of instant communication. It means a GPS that will guide them directly to your dealership.

So are you ready for all this traffic?

Wait — you don’t see it? Well, you need to learn to leverage it correctly.

Three Things Mobile DOES in 2016

It gets conversations started.

Mobile has been touted as a great way for customers to find you, but what about a way to start real conversations? Online leads have been the golden goose when talking about marketing and mobile, but there are more calls coming in today than internet leads from mobile devices.

[Tweet “60% of auto searchers on a smartphone would be likely to call directly from a search result if the functionality was there.”]

So what does this mean for you?

  • Make sure you have a click to call feature on your website that makes it easy for customers to reach you instantly and when they are interested.
  • Also, make sure that all of your basic information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Website) are all listed correctly in Google. When people search you, they should be able to click a button and reach you.

It gets them in the dealership (even if they are at a different one….)

We know that mobile facilitates research, but it also brings people directly to your dealership.

In many different ways.

There has been great discussion about showrooming, or “Webrooming” as Anne Fleming likes to refer to it, but how are you leveraging it?

[Tweet “63% of mobile users on their phone while they are in your dealership. “]They are researching your deal and the deal you are offering. They are looking for better deals near them. They are creating their strategy.

Stay a part of it.

People using a mobile device were 72 more likely to visit another dealership than those who were without a smartphone or tablet while car shopping. 52 percent of those mobile users visited an additional dealership because of information they found on their device.

So, What Does This Mean For You?

This should influence multiple factors:

  1. Make sure your digital presence is responsive across all platforms. At least have a mobile platform for your potential customers.
  2. Be as transparent as possible both online and on the phone. We are fighting a stereotype that some still hold onto–the sleazy, duplicitous car salesman. Be upfront with everything–the majority of the information in online regardless. So…
  3. Make sure you know what is on your website!

It gets them back for service ( and future sales)

Mobile drives site and foot traffic to your showroom–We get it. But is also drives traffic to your service lane. 36% of all automotive searches dealt with parts and service requests.

They are looking for you online, using their smartphone, and would probably like to set an appointment. Are you meeting them where they are? It is up to you to capture them as they are searching for you (or searching for a service and your dealership pops up.)

Just take a moment and look at your Google Analytics. You can get a quick snapshot of how many are visiting your website via mobile.

It may be more than you think, and with service, you need to make sure you make the experience as seamless as possible.

So, What Does This Mean for You?

  • Make sure every page of your website is responsive. That includes your service pages. Is it easy to set online appointments? Is there a lot of typing, or is it a simple choose and click?
  • If a customer wants to call, is your number prominent? Is it enabled for click to call? If your customers have gotten this far, don’t lose them to someone else because of a clunky or outdated experience.

Let’s Talk About It

  • When was the last time you searched your dealership on your smartphone? Each page–not just the landing page. Do it now and see what the experience is like.
  • What is your mobile traffic on your site?
  • Do you see a high conversion rate from click to call customers?