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5 Ways to Personalize Your Emails

Relevance is one of the key reasons people subscribe to emails from you or your dealership.

People want information that is going to be specific to them and their situation. If you are sending mass email blasts to everyone about the same thing, then check out these 5 ways to get a little more personal:

1. Personalize subject lines with their name

This is an easy one. Personalized subject lines generally deliver higher open rates.

2. Personalize based on their vehicle

Truck month tips can go to truck owners. Summer traveling tips with kids could go to minivan owners. You probably won’t have time to come up with custom content for each type of vehicle, each month – but even if you do it once or twice a year, it can make a nice impression.

3. Personalize by date

If they bought a car from you, you have their birth date so why not send a birthday email? You also have the date of their vehicle purchase which could make for a fun car birthday email: “Happy 1st Birthday to Your Honda Accord!”

4. Personalize by contract

Is their lease expiring? Warranty expiring? These emails can let them know what their options are.

5. Personalize by activity

Has it been over a year since their last vehicle service? Why not send a special offer with a “We Miss You Message.” Or, if they’ve never missed an oil change, how about a thank you with a free car wash offer?

What ways are you personalizing your emails?

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