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AAISP – Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals

Aaisp_logo_1 I heard about this coming together several months ago and was dieing to see if it would actually materialize.

At first I wasn’t too sure…just another group of people trying to start up some “Certification” process that eventually fizzles. However, it seems they are going to make a go of this. They have a great board of directors and have begun advertising, accepting memberships. Their it first annual Conference has been scheduled for April of 2006.

The purpose of AAISP is to raise the level of respect and professionalism for Internet sales manager and professionals in the automotive dealer business. You know…I’m all for that. I personally have had to and continue to overcome countless obstacles in this field of the business.

Hopefully the AAISP will be able to achieve what they have set out to do.

In an interview of Lloyd Richardson – Founder of AAISP, Lloyd says “I would like to see an assignment in dealerships Internet departments, or their equivalent, universally recognized as an essential prerequisite in the career path to upper management.” – This will has to. As technology changes and our consumers change so will the evolution of automotive dealers. More so, the evolution of the dealer staff; Sales, Service and especially Management.

I believe I’m going to join the AAISP. It would be nice to attend the conference and to surround myself with people that “speak the same language”.

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