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Acura ads on my Cell Phone?

I just bought the new
BlackBerry Pearl phone and was surfing the internet on it’s browser. The phone came pre-linked to I was impressed with all the features the site had to offer for mobile browsers but what caught my eye the most was the small banner ad at the top of the home page.

Before I go any further, I have to say..if you are in the market for a new phone and you are an Internet Sales Manager, you have to seriously check out this phone. Ten email accounts plus business email!!

Anyways…at the top of the Mobileplay homepage was an Acura ad for the new MDX. When you click on the ad, it takes you to a mini landing page where you can enter your email address for more information and to keep updated via email.

Props to Acura for some truly forward thinking in the advertising arena. Here are some screen shots of the ad…




I thought this was a great idea! What are your thoughts?

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This is only the beginning for companies who focus on Interactive Marketing. In essence, what you have is the continuation of 'convergence' that has been touted over the past 10 to 15 years in multiple verticals like TV and web. Soon, I'm sure you'll find 15 second ads on the phones as well and something ala the annoying ads on the top of AIM. The time-frame?

Just wait for 3g to be ubiquitous nationwide and remember that not ALL of your potential customers will have these cool new gadgets - but they WILL be shopping online.
Thanks for sharing this. Businesses definitely have to start incorporating mobile devices into their marketing strategies. I think this new limit on surface area and bandwidth will be great for advertisers because they will have to work more seamlessly with the contents of the screen. An ad that takes over the screen ineffectively could thwart off users from returning to that site. Considering the nature of consumer use with a mobile medium, advertisers may want to know where you are geographically at any given time. Imagine if you are in a retail plaza say at Best Buy and comparing prices on your phone, when suddenly an ad appears for the Outback Steakhouse that is in the same plaza and your hunger recognizes. The fact that technology can identify your location could be powerful to advertisers.