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Adding Monitoring Systems to Vehicles. Good or Bad?

“That’s nothing to worry about Mr. Kershner, that light don’t mean a thing.” If my car actually told me why the check engine light came on I’m not fully convinced I would believe it. Beginning in this month, Lexus will begin offering a monitoring system for customers to be contacted by their dealerships to tell them exactly why a light is on, it’s time for scheduled service, recall notification, it’s your neighbor’s birthday and you left your oven on. Again.

Going this route leads me to the clear question of – if the vehicle is experiencing a problem am I safe to rely on further technology housed in that same vehicle to be accurate? My guess is yes, but I just gotta know.

The new service, Enform Service Connect, will be available on all 2016 models and not available to older models as an add-on. (Something similar is already available on Tesla models, in case that tickles your fancy).

The Marketing Manager for Lexus recently indicated that as a luxury brand this is a natural progression.

There’s just the expectation that you’re being cared for, Bolain said.

Some may not view it as a natural progression in a positive manner, but rather an invasion of privacy. For that, Bolain says for each of those who think negatively there will be another who is thankful for the extra hand in caring for their vehicles.

With the current level of technology in vehicles, is this a blessing or a curse?

Is this going in the right step for building consumer trust?

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