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ADP buys BZ Results??

I keep hearing a rumors that BZ Results has been bought by ADP? Is this true? Does anyone have any inside information on this? What would this mean for BZ Productions and ADP? Share your Comments with the “comments” link below.


WardsAuto announces that ADP did buy BZ Results;, Mar 17, 2006 12:23 PM Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) steps up its presence in the world of dealership websites this week by acquiring BZ Results, a digital marketing and consulting company.

The acquisition is the latest in a series of announcements that shows ADP is intent on putting some teeth into its dealership Web initiatives.

Details of the deal have not been announced, but ADP officials confirm that BZ President Sean Wolfington will remain with the company as a part of ADP’s digital marketing management team. BZ, based in Coventry, RI, is a 10-year-old company with more than 100 employees and 650 dealership customers.

The acquisition provides ADP with a critical piece to its Internet initiatives, Dynamic Web Site and Web Marketing, launched earlier this year.

ADP expects BZ’s technology and process for managing customer relationships and managing prospects to be an important addition to its Dynamic Website suite.

“With BZ Results comes the proven ability to drive sales in greater volumes from online marketing efforts, as well as improved success in closing deals when online prospects arrive at the showroom,” says Steven Anenen, president of ADP Dealer Services.

ADP’s efforts in dealer online initiatives, for the most part, have been lackluster in recent years. But late last year, it became evident the company was about to turn its attention to dealers when AutoNation Inc., the nation’s largest dealership group, confirmed it had chosen ADP to build and host its websites.

AutoNation is launching its new websites in April and hopes the move will enable its customers to complete more of the sales process online, says Gary Marcotte, senior vice president-marketing.

What are your thoughts?

How will BZ or ADP change with this

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  • G
    Gary Bouldin
  • March 17, 2006
I just heard from my "raving fan manager" that it is true. ADP has purchased BZ Media.
Rumors are true. ADP acquired BZ last Monday -- Wolfington is staying on with the company.

ADP confirmed it to me on Thursday.

  • D
    Dirk Wilhelm
  • March 18, 2006
Are you kidding? Now there are 2 disfunctional companies together to oversell the dealers. Imagine, one selling worthless multi-media emails and the other leasing $500 printers for $22,000.. a match made in heaven
I just heard a comment today from a GSM in Tempe about BZ Results being an inferior product because once the trainers leave, the system is not used. No buy in.
  • J
    Jeff Kershner
  • March 24, 2006
You can have the best process or system in the world but without full buy-in, it's going to fail. I would not say that BZ has an inferior product..though it's not the best or even great. Matter of fact no vendor in the automotive business offers anything above average if you ask me. Especially in the website realm. If a dealer has full buy-in and places the process that BZ establishes or tries to establish I have not doubt it could not work.
Read a first hand experience with BZ Results. You'll be floored!!!
  • T
    Tom McGrath
  • June 15, 2006
I don't know about you, but the more I hear from Lloyd at AAISP the more he sounds like a flim flam. Now he is selling stock? Is this registered, legal, or for real?? Just wondering, but he has lost me.
BZ is a marketing machine and they have done wonders for this sector of the industry. BZ gets a lot of bad rap from vendors, competing vendors particularly, but often times I find it unwarranted and out of spite. Few companies can solicit to its audience members the way BZ can.

Keep in mind that BZ originally was a marketing company that entered into the automotive industry by creating a website product and BDC philosophy. Most agree that their product is not the silver bullet, but an honest professional in this industry should acknowledge that BZ did raise the bar on what can be done in the dealer website market. BZ pushed the envelope and as a result landed themselves in the lap of sound and stable industry giant ADP. This did not occur by luck, stupidity, bad product, and bad business. It came from vision and dedication.

ADP was smart for acquiring BZ and probably has more vested interest in the deal than most outsiders could know. And BZ was becoming too big for its own good so it was smart for them to be acquired.
  • S
  • October 3, 2006
At least Ryan isn't affraid to stick up for the guys paying him.
  • J
    Jeff Kershner
  • October 9, 2006
I'm sure everyone has their own opinion and views on this matter and on BZ as a company. If anything, BZ has help push the envelope in getting dealers to recognize the importance of the Internet, technology and process. Just a thought.. -Jeff
I represent a company with product that has been in development for 6 years. It will blow the sox off BZ's product. I'm looking for someone to purchase the company ($1,000,000 in sales for 9 mo.) and convert its focus from development to sales. Anyone out there like to see an Executive Summary? They have Data, Inventory Management, Web Design and more...
  • D
  • October 31, 2006
I have done research on BZ. I think that these comments are being brought out by competitors of BZ. Can we say...Jealous?
Why hate ADP because they are good at what they do?
Why hate eBay because they have 90% of thge online auction market?
These are the same people that follow a young artist , or rock band and then accuse them of selling out because their record sold too many units.
As a former Car salesman(8 years) in the Chicago Market, I can tell you that the auto industry is like no other industry.
It is trully the last place where a sales person can crash and burn and hone his or her skills to further their selling skills.
The internet is loathed in many dealerships. BZ has it's work cut out for them. The fact is.... More and more dealerships are embracing the internet , and the next step in the evolutionary process will be to maximize the visitors on the dealers website.
I believe that the internet is much more important to a delaership than their physical location.
Only the strong (and savvy) will survive!
becareful of bz results,these people are desperate crooks,they stole all my leads from there buzz track crm,be careful you will loose all your not do buisness with them,please contact me i will tell you how i was scamed by bz results/adp.
[email protected]
  • U
  • September 26, 2009
I can tell you that I work for BZ results in ADP. First of all after reading all these comments I want to say from the bottom. BZ Results DOES NOT steal! WE actually probably held your leads from you because you never paid our company to survive. It goes hand and hand. If you dont pay a grocery store for your groceries.. will you walk out with them.. no.. same difference. Second, the fact that we over charge. I want to note that in todays economy we have slashed are prices to about half of the competitors, meaning that we are no longer making profit and our goal is to hold clients until the economy is back on its feet. Meaning that custom work or such is a waived charge because we know the hard economic times. We at BZ Results treat our customers with loyalty, respect and most important as great customers. Dont let people that had one bad experience tell you different based on facts that is just a one sided coin. Remember BZ Results is a business and if we dont profit then the client doesnt profit. Its just business sense altogether.
  • R
  • June 16, 2012
I had the worst experience with ADP bz results.I signed a contract for $3000 a month for 36 months to built the website,crm,seo work.I was told i was signing 30 days out cancellation.It took them 3 months to built a cheap site leaving out several key components.sales rep gene loop told me not to worry they will correct it,i started getting billed from the 2nd month of signing the contract.i was assured the corrected billing will strat when i approve the site.finally they corrected the website in 5 months.i called the gene loop and also sent him a email of confirming the web site was working. gene loop assured me new billing will start from next month all previous bill's are voided.few day's later i recieved a email from account eric pearson bz results controller asking me why i have not paid for 5 months.i said he should speak with gene loop he said gene loop had nothing to do with this either i pay past 5 months or my site will be shut down and they will sue me for 36 months cause contract was binding.i was very upset i kept calling gene loop but no site went down within a week and i was left without a website.i had to quickly built another site to atleast stay in results sued me for 36 months $108,000 plus taxes and expences.this case went on in court's for 3 years ADP is very big company they got a summary judgement in court without a trial and court awarded them $$356,000 including attorney fees.BE very careful doing buisness with ADP.They have bunch of fraud,cheating lying sales rep and accountant working for them they will put you through bankrupcy.ADP is politicaly very well connected they can win cases without even going for a trial.Do you really want to do buisness with them.REALLY THINK AGAIN.