What is DealerRefresh?

DealerRefresh was created in 2005 and celebrates more than a decade of blogging excellence. It is a go-to source for tens of thousands of industry professionals seeking and sharing information, ideas, and best practices affecting auto retail, while also striving to elevate their game and keep up with the latest industry trends. 

Often edgy but always professional, DealerRefresh has cultivated one the industry’s premier online forums for conversations, opinions, and advice from one dealership professional to another. These activities take place on two separate sites: 

 DealerRefresh BLOG

The DealerRefresh Blog houses exclusive articles around best practices, new marketing trends and technology from many of the top, carefully selected industry thought leaders. Often told, DealerRefresh is the only online media outlet that offers a fair balance of shared knowledge from dealers and vendors. 

DealerRefresh FORUM  

Introduced only a few years after the blog, the DealerRefresh Forum is where the CONVERSATIONS are happening. The wealth of knowledge being shared in the forums is not only significant and lively, but it’s what keeps the community thriving and members coming back day after day. 

IS DealerRefresh RIGHT FOR YOU?

DealerRefresh never set out to be an advertising channel, but as the community grew and began reaching thousands of auto retail professionals each month, a demand for advertising naturally evolved. On the following pages is a breakdown of our current media and sponsored content offerings. 

Advertisers on DealerRefresh are referred to as “sponsors.” Sponsors understand that DealerRefresh is an open forum (albeit with rules enforced by moderators) – a place where dealers and industry professionals can openly share opinions and discuss their likes, dislikes, and experiences. We appreciate our sponsors for putting their name, brand, and reputation behind DealerRefresh, but as a media site and publisher, DealerRefresh must take a neutral stance on products, services, and providers to remain true to its readers and members. 

Advertising on DealerRefresh isn’t for everyone and we don’t allow just any service or company to advertise. An advertiser’s product, intention, and marketing objectives must compliment our vision and our readers’ interests. All sponsorship opportunities and relationships are always subject to the discretion of the Editor.

The industry is limited on affordable outlets to advertise, but it does not lack demand. Most publications do not fit well for the marketing budgets of many companies, nor are they able to produce a desirable ROI. DealerRefresh keeps overhead low, and thrives by keeping its columnists and members fulfilled. Because of this, you will find the value of our advertising packages to be exceptionally attractive, and the results as well.

Primary audience is American and Canadian

WHO USES DealerRefresh?

Created by a car dealer in 2005, the mission has always been to find solutions for issues that dealers face.  That mission is as alive today as it was on day one. 

Over 70% of the DealerRefresh community started their time on DealerRefresh as a car dealer.  Some have become solutions providers to car dealers and others have left the industry entirely.  That is the way of things.  There is a core group of members that help to drive conversations and grow engagement.  Those are dealers and solutions providers.  And when it comes to being an engaged member we do not discriminate as long as posts are not overly soliciting in nature.

Users of DealerRefresh have discovered new career paths by getting their name known.  Due to some of these successes many solutions providers find DealerRefresh to be an excellent recruitment hub.

At the end of the day, DealerRefresh is designed to be as good as you make it.  The DealerRefresh staff are just there to guide and promote the experience.  

RefreshFriday live show is pulling more audience from Mexico to reach all of North America

Word of mouth

Most new community members come to DealerRefresh based on hearing about something posted from another source.  Controversial topics bring the largest influxes and those people typically stay around once the realization is made that DealerRefresh is a valuable resource with over a decade of daily content creation.   

In an industry where in-dealership processes were originally created before cars existed (ever heard of the horse trade?) old content stays relevant for a very, very, very long time.  


The second biggest channel for new DealerRefresh members comes from general searching.  Dealers, or vendors, hit a search engine with a question and find a DealerRefresh article.  This is also where DealerRefresh is incredibly powerful.  With more than 10 years of content that is 100% targeted and specific, search engines like Google place a lot of authority on what is contained within the blog and forums.

A lot of the time, the thing a search user is looking for has already been discussed and answered.  That is exactly the kind of relevant result a company like Google wants to provide it’s customers.

Just imagine the kind of value a relevant backlink from DealerRefresh can bring to your own website.

Social Media

Participating on sites like Facebook also brings new friends to DealerRefresh.  Although, most Facebook users prefer to remain inside the Facebook ecosystem, many find the content in the blog and forums to be enticing enough to leave that ecosystem.  And most find the forum to be the streamlined conversation they were really looking for on Facebook.

RefreshFriday is broadcast live to Facebook and YouTube weekly. The forums get a jump in traffic with every show! Those shows are available as long as Facebook and YouTube exist.

Sponsorship Pricing

We know you will find a spot for DealerRefresh in your advertising budget. Please let us know if you have less than 100 dealerships using your service.