Wow that's nuts
Crazy and ridiculous..hope they got gap

I get chills when hearing the metal and Cement blocks being rubbed togethor. Just as similiar to the Nails on a chalkboard.

If there was a police report posted in the car as they mentioned it seems like common sense would kick in for the city to read it. Duh....

I would be afraid of having that towing company pick up my vehicle if they are not taking the proper precautions to pick up the vehicle.

Have they heard of jacks and wheel dollies? Apparently not.

Even picking up repo cars we never dragged them like that. Disgusting!

I would send the city the bill...
This story is getting a lot of attention amongst the various car enthusiast forums. I seem to be spending most of my weekends in DC these days and have heard all kinds of stories about "city officials" and their towing principles. Recently they towed a car with a 2 year old in it. Who leaves their 2 year old in a car for that long is a MAJOR QUESTION, but you'd think the person calling the tow truck or the tow truck driver would at least look through the window first.

Are we growing dumber or just benefiting from better reporting?
Are you serious?

That is a good question on why a 2 year old would be in the car, however as common sense again, to tow a vehicle with the child in there.

Another question is, the towing company would be in trouble by law for endangering a child within that vehicle along with the parents for leaving the child in the car.

The city must need money...

I wonder if the towing company left the child in the impound yard? hmmmmmmmm.......