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A Great CRM is Like My Wife

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When a dealer client asks me what CRM vendor I prefer, I first ask them what is it about their current CRM they’re married to that they don’t like.

Why isn’t that relationship working out?

Could it be they don’t value it enough?

Maybe they don’t invest as much time and energy into it as they could. Sometimes, though, it is that the technology is not doing the job that it should. It breaks down too often, won’t communicate with every other software, or do the little things in the relationship that a CRM should.

A great CRM, in a way, is like my wife.

Simply put, they keep your house in order. They track EVERYTHING. They remember EVERYTHING (often to the dismay of others). They communicate with all the different parties and keep the relationships you have with others open and honest. They alert you by the minute, by the hour, and by the day as to what you should be doing with your time. They are a living, walking, breathing To-Do List.

If you want to know when someone’s birthday is, they know. Do you want to remember what you said to someone three weeks ago, somehow they remember. How do you know that person? They can tell you. When do you have to call someone, write someone, email someone… they remind you to do it.

Let’s face it, a dealer without a great CRM (much like me without my wife), will naturally forget everything that needs to be done. All of the tasks to be completed will never be without that guardian angel in your corner (and in your ear).

They’ll clean up after you. They’ll do chores for you. Save you time. Send out communication on your behalf. Sign your name on the letters. They’re your trusted calendars. All the information you have ever shared with it, it has stored. Forever. Somehow miraculously, it can recall every detail you’ve given it (and even some you didn’t give it.)

A great CRM (like my wife is to me) truly makes you a better (sales) person.

If you have that type of CRM in your store, hang onto it. Treat it right. Pay attention to it. If you don’t have a CRM that does the little things to make your life exponentially easier, maybe it is time to take a close look at your relationship with that vendor and cut the ties.

While everyone tells you about the horrors of trying to find that perfect someCRM, when you find the right fit (as I have), they make everything you do that much easier. You’ll try so much harder to give it what it needs as well. You’ll go above and beyond at every instance to involve it in every deal at every point. It is a partnership. They make you a more successful you. In a simple-to-understand, yet overused term, they complete you.

Are you complete with your CRM?

Marketing consultant & process leader, specializing in automotive. I'm also a writer, speaker, movie buff, and Dad. --President of DealerKnows--
  • W
  • January 16, 2012
Hey Joe, great stuff. We are really happy with our CRM at the dealership as well but we only have experience with one vendor. I was just curious who is it your working with that you're so happy if you don't mind me asking?
  • J
  • January 17, 2012
I've always said that divorcing your current wife/crm can be painful and expensive. When you find a new one, you're not guaranteed the next one will be any better than the last one. So best to make due with the one you have before looking elsewhere. Often the one you have is being under utilized.
  • A
  • January 17, 2012
Great article Joe! I'm having to bite my tongue a little on my "marriage" right now...
  • D
  • January 20, 2012
Love your CRM (wife) and it/she will love you back.