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Automotive dealer website providers

I often get emails from readers asking me if I have a list of dealer website providers. I usually provide them with a list of the companies that I know and have worked with in the past. So..I thought I would start a new section “Dealer Website Providers”. Throughout the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting profiles on all the major players in this field.

I’ll include some general information like their URL, base out of location, how long they have been offering websites for car dealers. AND since Search Engine Optimization is such an important aspect of a dealers online marketing, I thought I would also include their current Page Rank and their Title Tag for their own website. Keep in mind that SEO is not the “be-all” but something you NEED to consider when deciding what provider to go with.

If I have experience with any of the providers, I’ll share a few brief thoughts for each. I’ll also provide an area for the CEO or a top level manager to write about their products and services if they so wish to.

As usual, I invite everyone to share their comments about each provider, thinking about administrative utilities, customer service, conversion, search engine indexing, overall satisfaction and whatever else you think is relevant.

If you have a suggestion or something additional you would like to see, let me know!!

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Someone had mentioned dealer impact to me awhile back as a complete marketing package. Has anyone on the board used them?
(they even use a apples to apples comparison ;)

anybody got the scoop on smart web concepts? Just curious