Industry News & Trends adds 1 Owner highlight to Carfax listings

"Starting today (Jan 15th 2006), will highlight every Carfax One Owner vehicle listed by participating dealers. When used car shoppers search
inventory listed on, they can immediately identify cars with only one previous owner."

Carfax_one_owner_yellow_logo_88x31I think this is actually a good idea and something I was going to have
implemented on our new dealer website, but using the Blue 1 Owner logo you see on
the actual online CarFax.

I forget where but I think I recall reading that 1 Owner vehicles can bring
an average of $400-$600 more front end gross. Adds Carfax One Owner Highlight to Listings

As a buyer I remember taking my girlfriend car shopping not too long ago. She was looking for a reliable used car for a low price. For whatever reason we both agreed that one owner cars are better then multiple owner cars. We ended up paying slightly more for a one owner car then one that had multiple owners. Its doesnt really make much sense because that one owner could have treated the car like SH**, never changed the oil, never rotated the tires but there was still a sense of security in knowing only one person owned that car.

I think the one owner icon is a cool feature and it should be interesting to see it on the new DriveMB website. Stay Well.