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AutoUSA or was it Yahoo? I may never know.

Few week back I wrote an article “AutoUSA – Something isn’t kosher!”. I pointed out that somehow AutoUSA had resold me my own test lead 2 times over and I had screen shot to prove

If you read the comments, you will see where Phil Dupree – VP of eCommerce for AutoUSA joined in on the conversation and actually took an initiative to research how this could have possibly

Phil Dupree said – “All three of these leads were individually entered on the Yahoo! Autos website. Yahoo! Autos has confirmed that they never resend leads—each is uniquely entered by users. Since Yahoo! sends leads from their website only, they confirmed that these leads were typed in on their “get a free price quote” lead form which has dealers listed for selection. Whoever typed in these leads had to specifically select your dealership in order for us to send you the lead. Since the leads are several months apart, we did not filter them out as

To this day I still do not have a clear explanation to why I was resold my own test lead 2 times over. I was never pointing my finger at AutoUSA but yet new something wasn’t kosher.

But..then my boy Chad Long over at AutoOneMedia sent me this link. “Yahoo! Gets Caught With Their Hand in the Cloaking Jar”. As I read this article, I started to wonder if maybe, just maybe it was Yahoo’s ignorant oversights that caused this mishap. If pages within Yahoo autos are/were “accidentally” being cloaked, is it possible Yahoo or a department within Yahoo could be accidentally reselling leads to AutoUSA? I can’t imagine reselling a few leads here and there would ultimately benefit a company as large Yahoo. And if they were doing this on a grand scale, I would think they would have already been caught (but then maybe they have).

I’m still very curious to how this happened and where exactly the blame falls, but we guess I will never know.

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  • June 9, 2007
Why don't you simply CALL Phil Dupree at AutoUSA and ask him what's up?
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    Jeff Kershner
  • June 10, 2007
Thanks for the advise Tom. I think it's his responsibility though. There isn't much I can do from my end.
My June 2007 DMM just arrived, and Phil is quoted a few times in "To Drive Online Lead Volume, Dealers Continue to Rely on Third-Party Classified Ad Sites"

Page 11: "Our surveys show that the average dealer is using three to four lead services" .. "We suggest that dealers explore a variety of providers to deliver the volume they want."

Or the quality :)

I won't call them companies, but individuals....people within companies who envision large paychecks by skating the customer. The Internet is a breeding ground for this kind of practice. It is happening in every online industry, and will continue to happen. We just have to be aware that it is happening and try to keep an eye out for it. Thanks for getting this issue out on the table Jeff.

As for some of the names already put out there. My guess is that just as there is a bad apple, there is a good one. The good ones have to clean up the bads ones' messes. I guess further that the people we actually hear from are the good ones, and we'll never know who the bad ones are.