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The 10 Best Auto Dealer Sales Blogs for 2019

The automotive sales business is highly competitive. Today, you need more than superior merchandise, enticing pricing, superior warranties and financing, a great location, and winning personality to find success. You need to subscribe to auto dealer sales blogs to stay informed and ahead of the game. Why? In 2019, more consumers will search for their perfect vehicle online before they step on your lot. If your sales team knows how to appeal to technologically-savvy buyers, you’ll achieve your sales goals and move inventory.

What Makes a Great Car Dealership Sales Blog

When you start searching for reliable and educational car dealership sales blogs, choose those that post regularly. Red flags include blogs that haven’t published fresh content in over one month or sporadically do so. This may be a warning sign that a particular blog isn’t written by industry thought-leaders.

You also want to seek out car dealership sales blogs that give tips for in-person and online sales. Blog posts should be relevant—recommending best practices and modern software that can streamline the car-buying experience and offer sales automation to free you up to sell more vehicles. Great blogs should also report on relevant industry statistics and case studies that can help you do your job better and earn more sales.

Of course, you can also use this list. We’ve already vetted the following 10 car sales blogs for you to read and learn from in 2019.

  1. DealerRefresh

DealerRefresh offers the perfect blend of marketing industry experts, advertising tips and strategy, and online sales tactics that work. Read this blog and you’ll find resources to help you improve search engine optimization and target your audience with effective ads. There are also plenty of articles about new software, tools, and applications that professionals like you need. One of this blog’s best features is its online forum. If you have an unanswered question after reading an article, you can find a direct answer in one of the forums.


  1. Car Sales Professional

The Car Sales Professional Blog offers resources for every type of car sales professional. There are articles for rookies as well as seasoned professionals who want to sell online more effectively. This blog’s articles cover in-person sales tactics, online sales, and how to cold call internet leads for the best results. The clean, simple layout isn’t as flashy as some other blogs on our list. However, it’s easy to find fresh, helpful information no matter what type of dealership you service. This blog fully lives up to its promise of “Moving Metal and Making Money”.


  1. AutoRaptor

With a catchy name and the tagline, “All that’s sales worthy”, you can expect a lot from Auto Raptor’s blog. It doesn’t disappoint. Auto Raptor not only focuses on sales tactics and industry statistics but also important topics like dealership security and readying your business for tax time. In the world of car dealership sales blogs, Auto Raptor is suited more for managers, sales leads, and dealership owners who want to have an active hand in how their business runs. The blog offers information that will help you train your sales force—including how to know which training programs are worth their time and your money.

  1. Driving Sales Automotive

Driving Sales is written by industry experts with deep insightful auto sales experience. These industry thought-leaders post about tried and true online and in-person sales tactics and the newest software. They’re qualified to recommend the right choice for your dealership. Again, this blog is designed to help managers and owners improve their businesses, but it’s also packed with resources that give sales professionals an advantage too—including inspirational videos, social media sales strategies, and new features that your dealership can use to promote inventory and services.


  1. DealerOn

If you need ideas to increase online sales and revamp your car dealership website, DealerOn is one of the best car dealership sales blogs out there. You’ll find articles about landing page strategy, targeting your audience with online ads, boosting your SEO, and creating content marketing for your website that brings customers into your dealership. The blog has plenty of videos and an easy-to-navigate user experience. This blog serves as a great resource if you want to understand website development, Google advertising, and online sales in-depth, but doesn’t cover many in-person sales topics.


  1. Mudd Advertising

As you might guess, Mudd Advertising’s car dealership sales blog centers around advertising and online sales tactics. If you need to understand pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and other tech-rich topics, you’ll find detailed articles here. This blog jumps right into technical heavy articles, so if you are a beginner you may want to find a more user-friendly site to learn the basics first.


  1. Dealer Marketing Magazine

Dealer Marketing Magazine knows its stuff. If you’re a manager, sales lead, or dealership owner, its resources can help you motivate your team and refine sales strategy. The blog has a real sense for the pulse of the industry, and it offers tips on video marketing, social media marketing, advertising, and in-person sales. Articles range from basics for new salespeople to more expert-level content for sales managers. Many readers also enjoy that this blog features plenty of supporting industry data. The insights here are tried, tested, and proven to be successful.


  1. Purecars

Purecars has been around for a long time, so its car dealership sales blog archives is a great resource for salespeople and managers alike. It offers articles for all learning levels, and uses language that’s easy for beginners to understand. This blog focuses on bringing the sales and marketing teams together, so it’s best for larger dealerships with a big staff and complex infrastructure. You’ll find valuable information about everything from advertising to video marketing, industry statistics, and customer journeys.


  1. Performance Admin

Looking for a straightforward car dealership sales blog? Then Performance Admin could be what you need. Its articles are easy to understand and offer advice about in-person and online sales tactics. More advanced managers and sales professionals may not learn as much from this blog, but it’s for a greener team. The layout of this blog makes it easy to find what you need and search for topics. Plus, its focus on integrity, honesty, and customer service is refreshing.


  1. Premium 123

This blog is full of basic resources about email and direct mail marketing and sales tactics for car dealerships. You’ll find information about digital marketing, advertising, and cold email templates, which is super useful for managers who want to distribute well-composed emails to their staff. This advertising agency sells direct mail marketing, so its blog is full of useful information on this sales tactic. If you need to know how direct mail has changed and evolved, and how it can be incorporated into your overall sales and marketing strategy, you’ll like this blog.

To succeed in today’s saturated market, your sales team has to be up-to-date on current sales and marketing trends. Follow these 10 car dealership sales blogs to educate yourself and your staff in 2019.

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