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Bob Lefsetz On Buying A Car

For years I’ve been following this guy Bob Lefsetz (after Alex turned me onto him), I love his pointed articles and the insight he offers into the music industry.

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Since the majority of the time automotive industry professionals speak to non-automotive folks we get looked at like we’re zombies from the Walking Dead, I was pumped when I saw his latest article was about buying a car. We live and breathe buying, selling and trading every day, all day – and we all too often get training, advice and education from those in the automotive industry, so that is why I think Bob’s perspective is important for all of us.

The first part of Bob’s article explains the difference between his car purchasing perspective versus his wife’s. He’ll keep a paid-for vehicle, never leased for up to 200,000 miles, preferably a BMW and his wife trades in after three years. While the first part is more of a background, the perspective and “take it all in” part comes toward the middle. Right about where they walked out of a BMW dealership because the salesman was “clueless” and took over 20 minutes to bring them a car to test drive. Offended? Absolutely. At a $50,000 price point, Bob explains, you don’t keep your customers waiting.

Paper napkins versus linen. I know where I’ll find both.

Then off to the Audi dealership down the street where the salesman was overly nice, educated and never said no.

In Bob’s words, it’s the front men (and we mean women, too) who make the difference. The BMW got them on the floor, but it was the poorly trained salesman who made them leave. They hadn’t been thinking about buying an Audi when they left that day.

And, according to Bob a car is a three-dimensional outfit. Whoa. First time I’ve heard that. Why else drive a Porsche when a Prius will fit the job just the same?  Your parking spot at work. That’s why.

Reeeeeeeaaaaaad this article and ask yourself (and your coworkers)

Do we treat leads as if they already bought the car?

How many Bob’s come onto your lot?

When was the last time you had insight from anyone NOT in the automotive industry?

You can read article in its entirety here, and check out his other articles.

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  • J
  • March 19, 2013
ZMOT sets up FMOT.
FMOT sells cars.
  • J
  • March 19, 2013
ZMOT is a 2D experience.
FMOT is 3D.
  • A
    Aaron Wirtz
  • March 21, 2013
Great question: Do we treat leads as if they already bought the car?
I've been on the phone with a LOT of vendors this week, and many of them talked to me as if my business wasn't needed. Somehow, their timeline, their needs, their own talking points were more important than mine.
On the other hand, I switched my car insurance after 14 years with the same agent (whom I'd actually never met) because this new guy acted like he wanted my business. Good timing on the new guy's part, maybe, but business is always going to go where it's appreciated.