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Bogus Clicks on your Dealers Paid Google Ads?

Could your local competitive dealer be clicking on your ads to dwindle down your budget?

Could you be a victim of click fraud? Click_fraud_wired
Is PPC advertising already doomed?

As search engine marketing (PPC) gains more and more popularity for dealers, there are many things you need to be aware of before dumping thousands into this avenue of advertising.

If it’s this easy for a competitive dealer to click away at your ads (costing you money with every click). What about the vendors that you contract for your search engine marketing? I’m not accusing any vendors of doing this but it sure does make you think.

If you’re already advertising or considering PPC ads on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine, this is a must read!

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  • E
  • January 24, 2006
I think this takes place more often than people think. I've been a web developer for YEARS and have witnessed this many times over. It's sad, but what are you gonna do? You can only combat it by tracking IP's and clicks, there's always a workaround.
  • G
    Gus Skarlis
  • February 14, 2006
If you are a dealer and you are using PPC with either google or Overture/Yahoo you are wasting your money. It is not that hard to optimize your site for your keywords and with over 30% of all clicks being fradulent why would you even think of spending the money. I have over 200 profitable website and I use PPC on less than 10 of them. Of those 10 they are big keyword sites so my SEO takes a bit longer. Save your money, buy 3rd party leads, or spiff your sales staff but do not spend money on PPC.