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Calling Seth Godin

Sethgodin1Jeff Kershner introduced me to two of Seth Godin’s books a while ago:
Purple Cow and Meatball Sundae.  Since reading them I’ve subscribed to Seth’s blog at and pointed quite a few people toward his ideas.  He speaks to everything DealerRefresh is about:  new marketing, shedding tradition, reevaluating the norm, getting small, etc.

I sent Seth a thank you email this morning, and BCC’d Jeff – Jeff immediately called to say it was time to really share Seth with Dealer Refresh, and here we are!  Jeff has had links to his books on the left-hand column of this site for a long time, and I suggest you use those links to purchase your copies (it helps DealerRefresh stay in business). Seth already responded to my email saying thanks, but hopefully he’ll drop by DR for a second….especially since we’re putting him in lights today!

So Seth, we’re calling to say thank you with the hope you’ll take a second to look at our antiquated business and maybe drop a hello.  We’re also hoping a few others from the automotive industry will start listening to your messages.

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
I agree with you, Alex. Seth is definitely a forward thinker.
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  • February 28, 2008
As a former car biz guy I'm interested to know which Godinisms you are applying to your businesses and in particular, new car sales. How has his 'forward thinking' changed your approach? And if you're reading Godin in the retail space of converting suspects to prospects to customers be sure to also read Permission Marketing.
Seth's books are a must read...go back & grab Big Red Fez too.
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    Andrew Wright
  • February 29, 2008

For me it is ironic that you made this post because I just read Seth's book on a trip to Florida down and back on the plane. He is right on when it comes to his marketing ideas. The whole notion of gravitating away from the mass marketing of average products for average people etc. to more targeted, tailored marketing for specific groups via word of mouth on blogs, websites and other permission based marketing avenues is revolutionary. I don't read a lot of books but this was a good one.
Seeing that Alex has called me "the first round in the clip that hasn't found a target yet", I look forward to Seth's take on this industry.


Big Fan of Purple cow! I hope to be "remarkable" some day!
I had everyone in the dealership talking about purple cows at one time but I think it is time to revisit the idea. Thanks for the post Alex always good to "Refresh" (pun intended) on the ideas of Seth. I watched a presentation that Seth gave at google on youtube, I will try to find the link again.
Good stuff that Seth fellow preaches.
Brian - when you find that video, can you post it here?
I will find it a.s.a.p., have to get through the craziness of end of the month.

I think this is it????????????

That is definitely it Brian -thanks! Only 48 minutes long too!
A great book by Godin is "the Dip" which, in the current state of affairs of car dealerships, is important to read. How does each dealership plan to get through the dip for the next year?