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Car Dealer Review Websites – Results

Search “Car Dealer Review Websites” in Google and your results are something like this…


How do they rank using…


Comparing review sites exclusive to car dealers ONLY.

Are you using these sites to your advantage, and if you are..which one(s) are you leveraging or watching?

Actively watching, responding to comments on, asking for reviews, training salespeople on, directing customers to and striving to win another Dealer of the year title on

It takes more than just signing up for or building a profile on any one of these sites. It takes active involvement to properly leverage customer reviews most importantly actively taking care of customers to a degree that they feel like they want to write a review.

Going beyond having happy customers that will write about you, it takes salespeople that understand the power of online reviews who show their prospective clients these reviews and then show them an experience consistent with what they read.

Online reviews are a powerful source of information and customers for those that truly understand that review sites such as are changing the way customers buy cars.

I couldn't agree with you more. We have followed your dealership's best practices, and have achieved success with the strategies you mentioned. It is a total dealership philosphy on how we treat our guests and the importance of third party reviews.

We are pushing for Hyundai Dealer of the year on's coming down to the wire here with only a few weeks left!
I would also encourage dealers who engage in car dealer review websites or general review websites like yelp, citysearch, or judysbook that you add a tracking phone number that is unique to each site in your targets.

You will be surprised that the more you invest in projecting a positive reputation online, the more calls that we be coming in from these sites.

Also keep in mind that the grand daddy is still Google Maps, so make sure you are building positive reviews on Google Maps. Google maps is the "yellow Page Book" on the Internet age and it can get thousands of impressions a month for your dealership listing.
I agree with Brian also in the encouragement for dealers to check into the Car Dealer Reviews. This is huge for the Online Automotive world. Make sure your on top of them and find out what is said.

One thing I do see a lot is the dealers do not try to rectify the issues from dealer reviews. Getting a negative response from a consumer & the dealer not taking the time to rectify the issue the consumer had during their visit. Regardless if it is a service visit, purchasing a new or used vehicle. You will see that once you work with the consumer that had the negative experience encourage them to go back on the reviews and post a positive one. It will show the next viewer you and your dealership taken the time to make it right!

Having the negative reviews turn to positive reviews will greatly impact your dealership business & reputation.

Just my 2 cents.....
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    Ty Alvarez
  • December 17, 2009
With Google now launching real-time search results, Online reputation management will be a big deal going forward in 2010
The hardest part that we find is actually getting the dealers involved.

We attempt to actively notify every dealer when a review is written and provide a free signup for them to respond (on site and in private) to the reviewer in order to rectify any problems.

Even with all that, very few dealers ever sign up or respond.

Car Dealer Check
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    Ty Alvarez
  • December 18, 2009
Consumers state that online reviews are becoming MORE influential than online advertising. Especially to the Gen Y consumer

Over half of all U.S. consumers and 69 percent of Millenials believe that online customer reviews and ratings influence their buying decisions more than any other type of online advertising, and 51 percent have purchased products based on an online recommendation. In fact, 24 percent of U.S. consumers would like to have an online service that recommends a product based on other consumers’ preferences.

Deloitte Study:
Brian's absolutely right about Google Maps. However, Google Maps is actually an aggregate and most sites like are certified to be included in that feed. Thus, there's typically no need to directly post to Google Maps, as most customers will only post in one place it may be more beneficial to have it posted on a third party site which will then also feed to Google Maps.
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  • May 3, 2010
I would not list Drivetime in any reviews. They are a subprime preditory lender. Keith Sachett is the Regional Manager who doesn't know the first thing about true auto sales and finance.
Nice increase in the unique visitors. I feel the only option to increase the sales is to be reflected among the 20 rankings on the search engines. This will definitely help to boost our sales.