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CarChat24 announces FREE AUTO DEALER CHAT SOFTWARE with their ‘always free’ version!

CarChat24 will provide hosted Free Advanced Auto Dealer Chat Software for (“All Car Dealer’s NEW or Used”) after final Beta testing. Expected release in late January to early February. Hosted Advanced Chat software designed for Car Dealers FREE!

Anyone interested in this always free version should go to the appropriate URL below to register. Once we launch we will send a link to all the registered Always Free users. It’s that simple, sign up now, and as soon as it released, you will get the set up link in your email. From that moment on, you will have ALWAYS FREE AUTO DEALER CHAT SOFTWARE. CarChat24 reserves the right to end this Free offering in the future, but will always provide the free version for anyone who registers while the free version is being offered. So register now and lock in this opportunity. This offer is limited to one registration per dealership/business. New Car Dealer Groups can have one registration per dealership brand. Used Car Dealers can only have one registrant per business name. NOTE: If a dealer group has 5 brands, and wants to register each dealership, they will need to have an individual from each dealership register with the URL and their info (5 Registrations).

Dealers in the U.S.

Dealers in Canada and other countries

Select:  (Always Free Software) from the drop down menu, and feel free to ask us any questions. We cannot reveal some of our unique features and benefits until we officially launch (We have some positive surprises), but we can confidently say it will be better than any other Auto Dealer Chat software currently available. It is proactive and offers several ways to engage visitors, and it will offer Real Time advanced analytics with GEO IP data beyond anything currently offered. It can be used in most any language (advanced automated language translation). It will use the current ADF/XML for your CRM, Also Email your leads, be easy to use, and help you sell more cars :-).

CarChat24 is getting ready to launch its New Automotive Specific Dealer Chat Software!

In December of 2010 we decided to upgrade, and started building our new dealer chat software based on Today’s Technology.  With over 40 years combined experience in the Car business, and three plus years as a Top Rated 24/7 Dealer Live Chat Support provider, we have built what we believe will Change the way Dealers communicate with their dealership website visitors.

We are very happy we can make this available in a free version, and are looking forward to adding even more exciting features including a Developers API that will allow subscribers the ability to build on top of our advanced framework.

About CarChat24
We provide 24/7 hosted Live Chat Support & Chat Software for new and used car dealership websites.

CarChat24 helps dealers sell more vehicles by converting a higher percentage of their website visitors into quality leads. Our well trained friendly staff, using our state-of-the-art live chat software and our proven proactive chat process, creates a positive experience for dealership website visitors. Since June of 2006, CarChat24 has been helping car dealers improve their sales and customer service on the Internet.

CarChat24 has three offerings:  Auto Dealer Chat Software, 24/7 Staffed Back Up service, and a 24/7 Fully Staffed Complete Support service.

Our mission is to empower car dealers with cutting edge live chat technology, and provide the professional staff and superior processes needed to obtain the best possible results. We are committed to helping our clients get the best return on investment from their websites. We strive to make our support service the very best and are always looking for innovative ways to give our dealers the edge over their competition.


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