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Re-targeting and version of Re-targeting


I’m wondering how much money everyone spends on re-targeting Some of you may be paying for it and don’t know that you are. Especially if you market with Cobalt. Re-targeting seems to be the new big thing, and is coming out with there version of this package on June 3rd. The second question I have is how many of you have heard about this program?

I know they have made test runs in bigger markets like Atlanta. I would love to hear from someone in one of these markets. For those who don’t know about this program I will give you some details so you can give me your feedback.

First, there are different types of re-targeting The basic type is when someone goes to your dealer website a cookie placed on there computer and your online ad’s will start popping up on that computer when the online shopper is on other various websites. One can even push Silverado ad’s to an online shopper that was looking at Silverado’s on your website. is coming out with a re-targeting package that goes something like this. When a local shopper in your local market searches for the make you carry then your dealers “cookie” is locked into that customer for 60 days. That customer will see your dealers ad’s across various websites that is affiliated with which is in the millions, from what they are telling me. For example: we are a Chevrolet dealership. If a customer that is local to us, the program is based off of zip codes goes on and searches for any Chevrolet then that customer will now start seeing my dealer ad’s on many other websites.

Here is where it gets interesting. This varies by market, but in my market, New Orleans LMA, they are only allowing two Chevrolet dealers to participate. One Chevrolet dealer can buy both spots if they choose. The cost varies by market and it’s actually fairly reasonable if you ask me. Supposedly the spots in Atlanta have already sold out according to the rep, but of course that’s what they would say.

What is everyone’s opinion on this, and have you heard about it yet?

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