Case Study: How one Toyota Dealer Generated 268 Reviews in 161 Days

SponsoredGreg Holway, General Manager of DCH Toyota of Milford, was assigned to the store shortly after it was acquired by the Lithia Automotive Group. According to Holway, many aspects of the store were in need of improvement, including its online reputation. “The ratings were as poor in Service as they were in Sales,” stated Holway. “The store had every opportunity to improve.”

In the 365 days prior, the store added a mere 6.8 reviews per month at a 3.1 average star rating with little to no presence on third party sites. Based on satisfaction Holway had enjoyed with Dominion’s solution for fixed operations marketing, he turned to Dominion’s award-winning reputation and social media platform, Prime Response.

About Prime Response

Prime Response enables dealers to track, manage, and engage with online car shoppers.
After bringing in Prime Response, not only did the store master monitoring online conversation, responding to negative reviews, and winning with social media campaigns, but it has set records in third party site review generation.

In the first 161 days of using Prime Response, DCH Toyota of Milford skyrocketed to an impressive 51 reviews per month at an average 4.6 star rating. “I would have had a tough time believing that it could happen that quickly and with that much improvement,” commented Holway, “but if you listen to the experts, it makes life a lot easier” – referring to the partnership Holway now enjoys with his dedicated specialist at Dominion.

Both review quality and quantity have improved dramatically. What used to be 3.2 and 3.0 star ratings on Google+ and Facebook, now stand at 3.9 and 3.5, respectively. Likewise, with seven DealerRater reviews posted in the year prior to partnering with Dominion and zero presence on, 80 reviews hit DealerRater and 100 reviews posted to, all of this within the first five months on the solution.

But this isn’t all. Now that Holway has unleashed the full potential of Prime Response, DCH Toyota is also experiencing significant improvement in its social media traffic to highly specific destinations on its website. How much traffic and where and how this is impacting business at Holway’s store, you will have to see for yourself by downloading this free case study today.

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