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The Kumbaya Strategy – Why Your Ineffective Internet Team/BDC Thinks They’re Doing a Good Job

The Kumbaya Strategy – Why Your Ineffective Internet Team/BDC Thinks They’re Doing a Good Job Imagine a world where no one ever told you “no.” Relaxing and enjoyable, right? Now imagine working on an internet sales team or in a sales BDC and never hearing a prospect tell you “no” over the phone.
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Stop Trying to Netflix and Chill Your Customers

Maybe I’m not the ideal person to make this analogy. After all, I haven’t been single for almost 20 years. That was before smartphones. Before Google. Before social media. Wifi barely existed. There was no Kindle, we actually read paper books. And Netflix wasn’t even an idea. Regardless, the phrase “Netflix and chill” has become parlance for …
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Please Don’t Leave Me: The Upside To Sales Empowerment

Anyone love their phone company? If you are like me, there is nothing I abhor more than needing to call them. Every time I call, I have to do a bit of meditational breathing and mentally prepare myself for what will inevitably be hours of frustration. Not only will there be excessive hold times involved, …
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It’s the Boring Stuff that Sells Cars

It’s the Boring Stuff that Sells Cars As you and your team review your sales plans for 2019, it’s important to remember that the dealers growing market share use the same websites, tools and marketing sources you use. Just like you, they’ve yet to discover a magic bean or digital secret that can sell vehicles …
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Avoid The Averages Because They’re Costing You MONEY!

Countless decisions get made every day in dealerships based on averages. Popular examples include market day supply, average retail price, average days on lot and average wholesale price. Too often we trust these numbers (simple averages) as if they are the be-all end-all. After doing something for so long, we begin to take it for …